Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Where did April go...?

I can't believe the month of April went flying by and I didn't blog once...! Now don't think I didn't think about blogging, I did...there just wasn't time! And to be honest, there still isn't! Just to update our friends and family who might be feeling outta the loop here is our life in a nut shell:
-I am working full time...which we are extremely grateful for!
-Ben is coaching middle school track...also grateful for the opportunity to work with our community's youth!
-I am going to school full time (times two) for my masters...this quarter is extremely busy with class Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday with an occasional Saturday class and Thursday class.
-SCENTSY...keeps us both busy...Ben is left doing the running around for deliveries and anything else I run out of time for!
We are truly enjoying any free time with each other and are now considering a trip to Costco a date night! (or at least quality time together) We are trying to get in as much auntie and uncle time as we can with Landen and Kyla...such sweeties! Landen is an awesome big brother, if you ask him about his baby he will tell you "Our baby is a pooping machine!" (and he's not lyin') Kyla is growing like crazy and is already over a month old...to say she is a mommy's girl is an understatement...but that just means she has one heck of a mommy! We are looking forward to the summer and I am looking forward to only taking two classes (rather than the four I am taking now). God has answered huge prayers, and I am going to be working full time again next year despite the major cuts the school districts are facing, He has truly been faithful. Those are pretty much the goins on around here...we hope the Lord is blessing you and your families this rainy Spring season!