Monday, December 28, 2009

Meet The Ladies...

Okay so I promised some pictures of the puppies some time ago...but they really just started looking like puppies so here they are!
From left to right we have: Charity on the bottom left, Hope on the top middle, and Faith on the bottom right...And of course Landen!
This is a close up of Charity...she is by far the smallest so far!
Here is a close up of Hope...she is MY FAVORITE!!!
Another cute one of Hope...she is the biggest, and the fattest!!
Another picture of Hope...she is such a cuddlier...I held her for hours on Christmas day...and she slept for the majority of it! If Mom and I can talk the boys into it, we'd LOVE to take Hope home...she is such a sweetie!
I'm sure I will have more pictures of the girls soon, and I will try to even it out a little more, I realize there aren't very many of Faith...and I have A TON of Hope...but I'll try to get some more later this month. Right now they are just starting to walk on their feet, they are very wobbly. All three of them are starting to rough house and play with each other...especially Charity and Hope. They still don't have teeth, but they give a lot of puppy kisses already!

Christmas pictures will be coming soon...I'll try to get them up during Landen's nap tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

God said: "Not This One Either"

Well we got the phone call, and Ben didn't get the leave replacement position. It is disappointing, but Ben and I are both feeling at peace with the answer to our prayers. Ben was told that he interviewed very well. The principal said that he really enjoyed getting to know Ben and having the opportunity to observe Ben work with kids during his observation at Lynden on Friday. Ben was told that the only thing holding him back was experience. We (and the principal) realize that it's hard to get experience without a job, but we know God has a plan for all of that.

On the bright side...Ben has a lot of sub jobs lined up for after Winter Break. We are glad to have an answer, and now feel like we can move onto the next opportunity God has in store for us. Thank you so much for all your words of encouragement and prayers. We are so thankful for such a great supportive group of friends and family.

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 21, 2009


The update is...we still have no update! Sorry people...I have been getting a lot of phone calls and messages asking "have ya heard anything?" So just to help everyone stay word yet. The earliest we will hear is probably tomorrow...but it could even be Wednesday. We caught word that Ben is in the top three (that was on Friday, before today's interviews) but who knows what that had in store. Thank you so much for all your prayers and words of support...Hopefully my next post will be "good tidings of great joy...about a job!"

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Quick Update...

Just a VERY quick Ben found out that he is going to be observed while subbing at Lynden Middle school tomorrow. Hopefully this is a step in the right direction, and the Nooksack Middle school principal will like what he sees. Please pray that Ben will feel comfortable and shine like the great teacher he is! Until the next update...!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Is This The One?

Alright people...would you believe God has put another Art job opening in our lives?? But out of every job opening, so far, this one seems to be the MOST perfect job for our family. First of all, it's with the Nooksack Valley school district, which is the district I work in, and the district our kids (SOME DAY) would go to. Second, it's a FULL TIME POSITION! Third, it is a middle school position....which is Ben's preferred age group. (Old enough to take care of themselves, but still a little fearful of adult authority...) For now it is a leave replacement, but hey...a job is a job! Ben had his interview today after subbing at Lynden middle school...made for a busy day but a great first step! When I asked him how it went...he said he couldn't remember what they asked, or what he said, but they smiled a lot! So now we wait and see what God has in store for us...we should hear something before Christmas...I will do my best to keep you updated!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Although it didn't get done on Thanksgiving night like usual...we finally got all of our Christmas decor out for the season! Traditionally Ben and I get it all out after eating way too much turkey on Thanksgiving...but this year...puppies were born and shopping had to be done and school and needless to say, it was all done the first week of December this year! I thought I would post a few pictures of my favorite parts... Of course, the downstairs Christmas Tree...traditional red and green, upon Ben's request when we got married and bought our first set of ornaments. ALL's kind of my theme through the house...this way it's safe to be up past Christmas...although it never is...!

Our fireplace mantle. Nothin too fancy here, our two lonely stockings. Ben says I can't put too much on the mantle because after all, we have to make sure the TV remote continues to work through the holidays!

This is kind of hard to see, and the picture definitely doesn't do it's on top of our computer says "O Holy Night" and the white houses and trees are candles...NEVER to be lit of course!
This is the beloved Christmas Tree upstairs in Ben's sports room. His theme is Greenbay Packers. He's hoping Santa brings him a tree topper this year. I'm hoping Santa brings him a tree skirt...this is just a sad tree!
This is our kitchen window. The hanging Christmas balls are new this year...Ben's not a huge fan...but I really like it! And yes...that is a stick...specifically picked out for this purpose! The trees are left over from our wedding, they were great centerpieces...and now they are perfect by my window...

My new snowman cookie jar from At Home America! Ben wants to know why it's empty! Maybe over Winter Break we can work on filling that bad boy up...but until then, it's purely for decoration!

And, our bedroom. Only mild decorating in here...I love putting our nativity scene in here because it matches so well! Our walls look very pink in this picture, but in real life they are very RED! (just wanted to clear that up!)

A few Christmasy touches on the shadow box next to the bed...

Last but not least the bathroom. I know what your thinking..."who puts pictures of their bathroom on a blog?" But remember this is so you can see the Christmas decorations! Plus this room, sadly, is my favorite! I love the glass piece...and for Christmas it is out with the sand and starfish and in with the snow and Christmas balls!, green, and snowmen!

Landen walked into our bathroom last week and said "Aww...that's pretty..." then he touched these Christmas balls and said "That's awesome!"

For those of you who don't know, and might think I'm a lil crazy for putting up window frames in the bathroom...these are the window frames from the old garage that used to stand where our house is before we tore it down to build the house. So we took down the starfish and put up the Christmas wreaths! (Thanks for letting me barrow your wreaths mom!)

Can you believe we are down to 16 days until Christmas?? Only 16 more days to enjoy this holiday season...then it's just going to be cold, snowy January! Enjoy the season...Merry Christmas!

An Evening With the Little Man...

Okay...I have to admit...I've had pictures to post on the blog for weeks!! So although it's late I am still putting them up. Ben and I got to have Landen when Kate and Mom were helping Molly with the nursery. We did a variety of activities like coloring Curious George pictures, playing online at (working on colors, patterns, shapes), learning how to write his name etc. But Landen's FAVORITE out of all the educational things I tried....was watching Curious George movies on the computer. That's right...he likes to " George on the puter!" We can thank his mommy for that, at home he convinces her to make him a fort around the computer stand while he watches George. I broke down and let him watch it on the computer, but we didn't make the fort this time...
As you can see...he is already assuming that "man position" while watching TV!

He soon decided he needed to cozy up a, Auntie Abbie had to watch George too, so he could have someone to lean! Not that I'm complaining....this is the child that RARELY I was loving it!

He eventually got sleepy....and most of the evening this was my view while watching Curious George! Cutest lil blond head I've ever seen!
We had a great night with the little monster...I mean man...such a sweetie! Being an auntie is the best job ever!