Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sweet Boys...

Landen was at mom's yesterday and always wants "Ace to come over!" These two cuties are best buddies! Landen LOVES to have cuddles from Acey Bear! Here they are catching some sun rays on the loungers...does it get any cuter?

Here is Landen's latest goofy pose...who knows what he's doing? Pretending to sleep??
We love these sunny mornings!

Fair Day 1

No secrets...I LOVE THE FAIR! The Number one reason? I LOVE FAIR FOOD! You might notice the title of this post is "Fair Day 1"'s because I can't eat all my favorite fair food in one's just not healthy people, I have to go at least twice. So this year I tried to remember to take a picture of everything I will see I forgot most of the time...and had to stop eating to take a picture! Always in such a hurry to enjoy this greasy goodness!
Chicken Strips and Joes...Yummy! Stop one at approximately 2:00 when we got to the fair. After this I had a Raspberry Italian Soda from Woods...but forgot to take a picture! I must have been super thirsty!

My absolute favorite...Lynden PTA deluxe cheeseburger with everything on it! I love the fried onions and "secret" sauce...Ben says it's nothing but Thousand Island dressing...but its delicious! Ate this at about 5:30...YUMMY!

Okay last stop of the night at about guessed it, Pofferjies...(sp?) This was a new addition for me...but with all the rave...I had to try them...I can't promise they will stay in the rotation next year. I'm not sure exactly which day we are going back...but we are going back! I have a few more favorites to enjoy before summer is over!


It is finally summer! I had a lazy day and went to Katie's for coffee and some delightful banana bars. Landen absolutely loves being outside...whether it's hot or cold...but on this day it was hot hot hot! Needless to say it was a great day for the slip-and-slide. Little did we know Kyla would love it just as much (if not more) than Landen! 
Keep in mind...this is FREEZING cold water from the didn't even phase either one of them...although Landen is pretty speedy when he races down! Kyla on the other hand...crawled up the slip-and-slide...
And down the slip-and-slide...
With an occasional stop to play in the spraying water! To say she is a water baby is an understatement! She has zero fear...which makes us all a little fearful...she is not quite as cautious as her big brother. We have to keep our eyes on this little lady!
We are enjoying these sunny days...keep 'em comin!