Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More Christmas...

I know, I know...more Christmas! Apparently I took a lot of pictures while we partied it up this year! We had an amazing Christmas dinner at mom and dad's. Everything...turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, deviled eggs (thanks Uncle Ian), green bean casserole...and probably more that I'm forgetting! Mom, as usual, out did herself with a beautiful table arrangement...
Landen stopped being "Santa" for a brief moment so we could take his picture with grandpa-grandpa and grandma-grandma.
AND the most exciting present of all....LANDEN GOT A BIG BOY BIKE! (John Deere of course)
It took him all of a day to figure out how to ride this he's a pro...and he really IS a big boy! Videos to come of him riding this bad boy!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas

Ben and I had a very mellow Christmas Day...
First, Ben made our Christmas Morning breakfast, Finish Pancakes...
Next, we got a quick picture in front of the Christmas tree...
and a "family picture..."
Ben, being the amazing hubby that he is...bought me a Pandora bracelette with five beads...he promises to fill my bracelette someday! :)
I got Ben some odds and ends he wanted online...yep you guessed it...FOOTBALL STUFF!

Monday, December 27, 2010

A New Artist..

I saw this cool painting toy on TV over break and decided that's what we could get Landen for his "toy present" for took some digging to find it but we finally did! Landen wasn't sure about it at first because all the paint looked clear and he even said "Umm...I don't really like the paint you bought me..." little did he know how awesome it was! He soon changed his mind once he figured it out!

Beautiful art work!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve

This year we had a busy Christmas Eve...we started our day with a family get together in Ferndale with Ben's family. After a wonderful dinner, and gift exchange we headed to our candle light service at church! Wonderful, it's always a treat to hear Katie VanKooten sing. After church we went to the Stauffer house for our family gift opening and late night snacks! Every year we say "okay we don't need a lot of snacks, but something savory, and little something sweet..." well we ALWAYS make too much and this year was no different! But that's what the holidays are for right? Landen had been dying to open presents pretty much as soon as they were placed under the tree...we don't really do the whole "Santa" thing in our family...the kid knows it's all of us who spoil him rotten! Here is the little pumpkin waiting with his dad to open was about this time that he yelled into the kitchen "Can we open presents NOW?"

When Landen opened this present he knew exactly what it was, he had to explain to grandpa-grandpa what a pillow pet was! He even gave us a complimentary "Moo" for this picture!

These are his new flashlights that grandpa-grandpa picked out for him...Landen LOVES "ashlights!" These ones are pretty fancy...even the big boys (dad, Ben and Darren) had to check these out...they work like a regular flashlight, the entire stick lights up orange like a flare and the entire stick flashes orange.

Spoiled or not...Landen always gives thank you hugs...he was dishin' them out a lot over the holidays!

We had a great night....until next Christmas Eve...and then there will be TWO Stauffer kiddos to spoil!!

Friday, December 17, 2010


I forgot I had this picture...but it was too cute to not post! Happy Holidays Everyone!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Puppy

This year will be Ruby's 1st Christmas at our house because last year she was too little to come home...she and Ace sat on the back of the coach checking out our Christmas tree...Ruby tried a couple nibbles but took redirection very well when I yelled "NOOOO!"
Ace had to wear his Christmas shirt at least once...Ben isn't a huge fan of it....but Ace doesn't seem to mind! He'll sleep in anything!
Happy Holidays!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Ruby!

Ruby turned 1 on Friday! It's hard to believe that another year has passed by! When my grandma's puppy was having puppies I was so excited...when she had three girls I was even more excited...when she said I could HAVE one...well you know, I was super excited...then when Ben kinda, sorta, a tiny bit, agreed I could keep one I was THRILLED! Now here we are a year later, and she really does fit right in. Ace has warmed up to the idea of having a girl around and for the most part they get along really well! Happy 1st Birthday Ruby girl...

Friday, November 26, 2010

Turkey Day!

Ben and I had a great Thanksgiving. This year Ben's family planned a huge family get together with the entire Hanowell side of the family. Despite the snow, we bundled up and headed out to Ferndale for our first turkey dinner. After a visit with his family and delicious turkey (and salmon, thanks Uncle Jim) we headed back out to Everson for dinner with my family. Like everyone else, we ate way too much and rolled home with very full bellies! I did think of taking pictures for the blog...however, BOTH camera batteries were dead. What are the chances? So I plugged them in while we ate our turkey and when we came home they were ready to go!

This snow was Ruby's first experience with the white fluffy stuff...and let me tell ya, she wasn't a fan! It was a chore to get her to go outside to do her business! Ace on the other hand LOVES the snow, and it's an even bigger chore to get him to come IN the house! He gets all the snow stuck in his fur and it turns into a TON of tiny snowballs all throughout his legs and tummy! This picture does not do a very good job showing what he looks like after being outside, Ben tried to get most of it off before carrying him inside...

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Scentsy...Fund Raiser...

Saturday I had committed myself to a Sumas Elementary PTO fund raiser...all was nice to sit with mom and visit. We had quite a few people come through and it is always great to share Scentsy with people! I'm doing another Holiday show December 4th at Pleasing Hair Salon so come check out all of the new Holiday warmers! They are irresistible!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Ben!

Happy last twenties Birthday Honey!

This year for our birthdays Ben and I decided no real "gift giving" it was a year of "romantic gestures"...sooo...for my birthday we went out for a nice dinner, and Ben was in charge of reservations etc. But we all know what's romantic for a girl might not be romantic for a my romantic gesture for Ben's birthday was his FAVORITE homemade New York Cheesecake all to himself...when he came home from the football game! I didn't manage to get a picture of the actual birthday boy, but I did get a quick picture of the cheesecake before he cut into it! We went out to dinner the next night and enjoyed an afternoon of spending time together in town...Hope you had a great day Benji...I love you!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

My favorite trick-or-treater of the night! (A close second was some little boy who told us we had a HUGE house with an AWESOME staircase!)

Landen wanted to be "Bruce the Shark" this year, and his Mommy delivered! The best part was when he said "Name's Bruce!" just like on "Finding Nemo."
We try to avoid candy for the children we have to see later that evening so Landen got matchbox cars...he loves to line them up on the hardwood...check out the second picture...I love how the puppies are right next to him watching him!
It was vital that ALL his cars be in the bag! Ace thought there might be something in that bag for such luck, sorry buddy!
Oh, he also got a Clifford Halloween book, he took a quick "picture walk" before heading out to the next stop!

Next year we will have TWO favorite trick-or-treaters! Can't wait!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Birthday Boy...

On Sunday we officially celebrated Landen's 3rd birthday! I have always loved kids...but I never knew loving a child until I met my nephew! He stole my heart from the SECOND he was born! The first thing I said to my sister when he was born (and continue to say to her daily) "He is so cute!" I started looking through pictures to find a newborn picture to post with his latest and came across this do you not LOVE that face!
At his party...with his ORANGE, MONSTER, CHOCOLATE CUPCAKE! He was dying to eat this sucker for a good 24 hours!
I wish I had been more on top of things at his party...but sadly I was not! :( I didn't get very good pictures this year, and even worse...I didn't get Landen on video when he was singing Happy Birthday to himself! Even though it's not the went a little something like this!
Landen: "Hey everyone start singin' happy birthday!"
Everyone: "To who?"
Landen: "TO ME!"
Grandpa-grandpa: "Who will start us out?"
Landen: "YOU!"
Grandpa-grandpa: "Ohhh no, not grandpa-grandpa, how about you start?"
Landen: "Okay...Happy birthday to me..."
after the entire song has been completed our precious three-year-old claps incessantly with the biggest smile on that same darling little face!
Where does the time go??

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Toy Yorkie...?

You've heard the term "toy" to describe small dogs...well now we use that term to describe Ace in many ways...he is small yes...but apparently he likes being in the basket with all the toys too!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Awesome surprise!

So with Ben coaching and spending EVERY Friday night at the games...I decided I would need a blanket. My sister, Katie, has made these awesome blankets for my mom and my I asked her if she would make me one if I got the fleece. She said sure no problem...turns out I'm never in Bellingham these days, so needless to say the fleece had not been purchased and the football season is half over! Then today my AMAZING sister shows up with this!!!!
That's right my pregnant sister took her 3-year-old shopping after her doctors appointment today and bought me fleece! THEN she went home and spent her day off!!! making me this blanket! Can you believe it???! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it Katie, Thank you! I can't wait for the game on out Meridian, I'm bringin' some serious purple pride!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Ace Bear

Ace LOVES to cuddle and last night he cuddled with Kristi all night while we watched 'Hitch.' He is one of the only boys we allow at our girls night in events every Sunday while Ben is at his coaches meetings! This picture was too cute not to post! Plus he was wearing his new sweater from grandma! :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Service Project...

My parents have worked with the youth at our church (Christ Fellowship) for YEARS! They have a great group of kids and an awesome small group they meet with every Sunday night...where they play a "Minute to Win It" game, eat dinner, and oh yeah talk about the sermon from that morning! :) Anyways...apparently their Christ Group kiddos have been asking for a service project for quite some this week mom and dad got lookin' and decided that Sumas Elementary could use a mini face lift! Dad got some bark donated and mom got some Fall flowers and Sunday afternoon the kids got workin'! This picture isn't the greatest...and I didn't get many pictures because I lost track of time in my classroom getting ready for the week...but here is the finished product!
Thanks so much looks awesome! Bring on Parent-Teacher conferences!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday treat...

Landen stopped by tonight (with his mommy) to pick up his birthday invitations! He requested a "Chocolate Birthday Party" this year...and Katie thought "Where do you find 3-year old birthday invites with a chocolate theme?" Sooo...we got busy and whipped them out in no time! Here he is holding his invites proudly...shortly after this picture he told Uncle Ben "you can come to my chocolate's gonna be really fun!" :) How do you not LOVE this kid?!!
Thanks for the Monday visit's just what I needed! -xoxoxo

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Here are SOME of the pictures I had taken this summer with intentions of blogging...some of them are just too random to post...but these were okay I thought!

This is a picture of Ben and I before he left for his FIRST home game as a coach for NVHS!

And of course I MADE him let me get a picture for the blog! (I'm pretty sure he's thinking sometime like: "Really Wife?")

Here is a picture of Ben coaching the boys at their very first game at Quest Field!!! Not a great game, but a great opportunity to be a coach on an NFL field!

Uncle Ben gave Landen his first buzz...he sat so good...and now informs Ben that he "...needs a new buzz."

I'm not sure when he got so big...still just as blond as the day he was born!
"Ta Da!" Buzz complete...he gave us a nice cheesey smile to blog about!

Now I can feel better about taking new pictures for the blog and hopefully I'll be more successful with posting them!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I don't know...

...what happens! I try to keep up on blogging, but then an entire month goes by and I didn't blog AT ALL! Here's the thing, I take pictures, I really do! I have all sorts of pictures that I completely intended on posting for all of you! Even Ben has started taking blog pictures, they just never seem to make their way onto the blog! I am going to try to do better (I realize I say this about every other month) but I am going to this time!

This summer Uncle Ben gave Landen his first "kitchen cut" except he got it outside where the hair could FLY! Now he will inform Ben that he "needs a new buzz."

I'm not sure if I mentioned this in my LACK of blogging in the Spring, but Ben is coaching for the Nooksack High school football team. It started with Spring practice and now that Fall is has picked up with force! I think a fellow coaches wife said it best tonight at the "family dinner" before practice when she said "I've gotten used to being a coaches widow." Ha! It is a HUGE time commitment but man does Ben LOVE it! I can see it all over his face every time he comes home from practice, games, and coaches meetings. (yes there are coaches meetings!) So needless to say Friday nights you will find us at the games! I am so happy that Ben has found his passion and pray that God continues to open doors in this area!

I have started the school year and found myself wondering "where the heck did summer go?" SERIOUSLY??? I am happy to be back into the routine, especially with Ben having so many commitments to football. I am teaming with Amy Moss this year and it is going AWESOME! One of my second graders said it best today when she told me that "you and Ms. Moss are very organized." (I took it as a compliment!) I am teaching another year split up...mornings are special education k-5 and afternoons are with my multi-age kiddos (1st and 2nd graders together!) I am looking forward to another great year and feel SO blessed to have a full-time job. I am officially accepted into my masters program...I am transferring credits from this past year and am looking forward to Spring of 2012 when my masters will be completed, Lord willing, my national boards certification earned, and my ELL endorsement finished! I'm not sure what I'll do with my time after that!!

AND the best of news of all....I AM GOING TO BE AN AUNTIE AGAIN!! I am so excited for Kate and Darren...and Landen! He is finally going to be a big brother, and just ask him about it and he'll tell you about his "sister-brother." For now that is all the major news I have...Ben and football, Abbie and school and work, and Landen being a brother! Have a great weekend everyone!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

HOT Summer Day...

We have really been enjoying this weather! Ben and I bought Ruby a life jacket a few months ago and couldn't decide what size to buy her...the size that would fit right now, or the size that would fit when she is full grown. We decided to go with the bigger one but now I am wondering if it will ever fit...she is such a peanut!

Ruby wasn't a huge fan of swimming...not like Qoen is, but she didn't get as uptight as Ace does when he swims. I think when she grows into her life jacket it might get better!

Enjoy the sunshine everyone!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ruby Girl

Here is an updated picture of the little lady...she is getting so big! I think she is full grown now...which is nice because now she will stay in the same size dress! This is her newest dress...I love this one, she is starting to get used to wearing them too...and really, she doesn't mind them at all.
We had a sad day recently...Ruby's sister was hit by a car...this makes us even more thankful for our little fury babies.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Great Visit...

My Aunt and Uncle from Virginia came to visit this week and sadly the only picture I have of their visit is Landen and I sitting by the fire at grandma's house...this is how we spent most of our time...but if I had been a better blogger I would have captured more pictures...sorry guys...but it was a great visit!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Seattle Aquarium!

Katie and Darren took a quick vacation...that meant that between mom, dad, Ben and I we had the little man for 5 full days!! Ben and I thought it would be fun to take him to the Seattle Aquarium...and of course visit Kacie again! All week we kept talking about going to see the fish and naturally Landen wanted to see sharks! Any time you asked him where we were going he said "the zium." We drove down with no problems what so ever...other than the brief stand still on the freeway as we entered Seattle...Landen is quite the backseat driver! He kept telling Uncle Ben to "GO!" Along the way he also told us that "green means go and red means stop." He has become very familiar with the Space Needle after going to Kacie's apartment and can now point it out with no prompting!
When we finally got to the "zium" he LOVED everything. That smile didn't leave his face! Here's a tip for the Seattle Aquarium...having the "touch pool" the first thing in the door at the aquarium makes a two year old think that EVERY tank in the entire aquarium is a touch tank! "Pick me up Uncle Ben I want to touch it!" at every single area!
Landen LOVED Kacie, of course, and it was great to have an extra set of hands with the little man...anyone who knows my nephew knows what I mean!

Landen got used to climbing up onto my footrest to get an extra boost to touch in the touch tanks.

All of the precious creatures in the touch tanks!

Uncle Ben and Landen looking at the sea creatures in the water archway.

That little finger did a lot of point that day...

Landen hangin' onto an octopus leg...

I'm not really sure what this is a picture of...but it seemed "aquarium-ish"

Landen and Uncle have No idea how many tries it took to get both heads in the circle cut outs at the same time...

Landen looking at the Sea Otters....again he had to be UP!

Landen looking at the seal on the dock!

During our aquarium adventure, Landen became obsessed with taking pictures! This was one of the pictures he took, trust me there were TONS!!! This one is cute because you can see his reflection in the window.

He finally started to understand the whole stick your head in the circle and smile thing!

Landen got "pocket money" from grandma before we left. All week he talked about wanting to buy a shark to take home...side note, there are NO sharks at the Seattle Aquarium...and when we finally got to the gift shop this is what he HAD to's a has absolutely nothing to do with the aquarium...but that's what he wanted to buy and he LOVES it! I did get him a stuffed shark and a "Curious George Goes to the Aquarium" book...for actual proof that yes we did go to the aquarium.

Ben and I in front of the fountain outside the aquarium...

Landen and Uncle Ben...and the grabber!

About three piers down I saw a huge carrousel in the distance...I thought it would be awesome to take Landen on his first carrousel ride...I couldn't wait to get a picture of him on a cute horse...that thought was shattered when Landen threw an absolute fit when Ben tried to put him on a horse...when we let him choose...he wanted to ride in the red sled behind this man who we didn't know...again this was the best picture I could get...since Landen is nearly not visible in the giant sled...but Uncle Ben looks cute waving! :)

It was a great trip!