Monday, October 31, 2011

Beautiful Babies...

If there were ever any questions about who Kyla looks like...I hope these pictures help clear that up! (Kyla Joelle - 7 weeks, Landen Douglas - 8 months)
Happy Monday everyone!


Landen and Kyla were the cutest trick-or-treaters we saw tonight! Landen decided to be "Bruce the Shark" for the second year in a row...given this was his plan B when his mommy couldn't find an apple costume...what four year old wants to be an apple?
There's no candy for these's a book every year! Kyla LOVED her book and was grabbing at the pictures like crazy!
This sweet baby cow is growing up WAY too fast!

Happy Halloween!

Fall is here!

We are welcoming the autumn season at our house, this is my FAVORITE time of year! I have all my fall decor out and there is a constant fall scent in the air (thank you Scentsy). Life is continuing to be busy around here, which we seem to be surviving so far. Ben has been keeping busy with subbing and coaching since September, and the Nooksack boys managed to take first in league, which means onto district! (and the football season continues!) I am about half way through my quarter of classes at WWU, and I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, it's still a REALLY small light, but none the less, it is there! Next quarter I'm not taking any classes at night...we are both excited for that. By not having to be gone one or two nights a week I can focus my time and energy on my National Board portfolio, which I have scheduled to be done with by the end of February! People keep asking me what I'll do with all my time when I am finished...and the truth is, I haven't had time to think about when the time comes, I'll start brainstorming.
Today was Landen's birthday party! The good auntie would have had her camera in hand, but guess what? I forgot it, along with his birthday card! He didn't seem to mind however, because I did remember the present! (Hot Wheels track that sticks to the wall, he saw it on TV apparently, sorry Kate!) We had a nice relaxing time with friends and family and of course ate way too much food, and put together toys!
Kyla is growing like a little weed (do I say that every time I post?) she is already inching up on 7 months! She has two teeth on the bottom...I promise to get a picture of those little chompers soon. And believe it or not she is starting to get some hair! She is getting better at sitting up, and rolls over in a snap! She continues to be a mommy's girl, but is a little more generous with the smiles these days. She is such a precious baby...and is loved loved loved by our family!
My grandma is starting to make some serious progress! Before it felt like "really is this progress?" but now, she is walking (sometimes without a walker), talking much more (most of it makes sense), and is able to eat food! She is able to go on more outings now, but is ready for a nap when she gets back to the is looking like she will be able to come home before the holidays!
Holidays!!!!??? Can you believe we are talking about them already? Tis the Season...hope you are enjoying the festive time of year!