Friday, November 27, 2009

We're Back!

Okay people I realize how long it's been! I have been very neglectful of our blog...but I am going to try to do better this month. Well, for a quick update on life...let's see...this month I have started selling Scentsy! It is such a great product, and I am completely addicted, so selling the product is an awesome way to share my passion for the product with friends and family, and it also helps feed my addiction. I am having my first Open House on Saturday 1 pm - 5 pm at our house (not tomorrow, but a week from tomorrow) so come check out all of our warmers and scents! You can check out my Scentsy website at

We had a great Thanksgiving and got to spend a lot of time with great friends and family. Last night Mom and I got to watch my grandma's yorkie have four puppies! It was AWESOME! She ended up having three girls and a boy, unfortunately...the little boy didn't make it, but the girls are doing great! Mom and I are still trying to convince the boys that there needs to be ONE MORE puppy on the property. We'll see what the outcome will be. I will get some pictures of the girls on the blog soon...right now they aren't the cutest things...but they will be getting cuter by the day! Right now they are about 4 oz. so when they get closer to a pound they will look more like puppies.

Ben was also blessed with a job this month painting a mural for Gabe and Molly's new baby. It turned out absolutely amazing. I've been waiting to post pictures of it to make sure Molly got to show it off first...I think it's safe now check it out....

I know...pretty beautiful right? Ben did this job in 10 hours...not bad for a day's work!

We are going to get our Christmas decorations up this week...and be ready for the Scentsy Open House on Saturday! Hope to see you there!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Ben!

This week we celebrated Ben's 28th birthday! We had ourselves a lovely date night to celebrate. We started our day a lot like every other day...except...Ben had to open his present from me at 6:45 am because it's harder for me to wait than him. We both had to (got to) work that day so we spent our Friday with amazing kids...molding their minds...for the better we hope! When we got home from work we spent a few minutes relaxing before we got ready for our date night! (That's right people we've been married for almost four years and we still get ready to impress each other!) We ate dinner together at Everson's finest...oh yeah...Herb Niemann's! For those of you out of is the most AMAZING schnitzel house! Dinner was great! Then we made the not so long drive home and had ice cream cake from DQ with Mom, Dad, Katie, and Landen. I know what your thinking...fancy dessert...but it's one of Ben's favorites! Landen was hilarious...he called it Ben's "happy cake!" We even put candles on it...but not's was an ice cream cake...we didn't want it to melt! Landen just kept asking us "What you doing?" while we lit each candle! We had a great night and sadly have zero pictures to help us remember it! (Wife forgot the camera!) But I thought I would still post a quick blurb about our you Ben...hope you had a great birthday!