Friday, July 27, 2012

Landen's Day

On Tuesday, Ben and I had Landen for the day while Katie and Mom ran errands with Kyla. We decided to make the day all about him! His first request was miniature golf...there is ONE place in our beautiful county for mini-golf and that is Birch off we went! Lucky for us the sun showed up and they were able to sport their plaid shorts (because that's what golfers do!). Of course Landen had to hit an ORANGE golf ball...his signature color.
 After golfing the go-karts caught his four year old is Uncle Ben and Landen standing in line for the go-karts! (During this waiting time, Uncle Ben spent most of the time preparing Landen for the go-kart they would "probably" have...and it wasn't an orange one).
I had to stay behind the I tried my best to catch a picture of these cute speed racers as they flew by! If you look close you can see Landen's lil hand up waving! He reported "...every time Ben turned the corner he squished me because the seats were so slippery, and then I squished him on the next corner!"
After the "race" we hit up "Old McDonald" for lunch! Landen ordered his usual PLAIN burger, "no ketchup, I hate ketchup!" Sadly I took zero pictures of this stop. After lunch we made a quick stop at Grandifloria or as Landen calls it "Grandma Florida" then we were off to the Lynden Park! I will have to make another post for this stop because Uncle Ben followed him all around the park with the camera! When we got home Landen immediately changed into his "comfy clothes" and sat down with a movie on the couch with a blanket. At this point Ben and I took a quick grown up break out on the back deck...which was quickly interrupted by a request for a dip in the hot tub...
And since this day was ALL about him...pretty much every answer to every question was a big fat YES! So here he is enjoying a dip in the hot tub...with about four pairs of goggles, three nose plugs, and a pair of ear plugs...oh and two water guns!
It was a LONG day...but a day filled with fun! Landen Douglas we love you to the moon and can't imagine our lives without you. The day you were born I told Uncle Ben "He stole my heart!" and you've still got it!

Bathing Beauty...

Summer is finally here...for a minute at least! Katie, Darren and the kids came by to swim the other day and Darren BBQ'ed!!! My brother-in-law is the BEST BBQ-er EVER...needless to say between their family, ours, and mom and dad...there was not a single brat left!

Kyla LOVED to splash her feet in the water...we tried to put her in the pool and she was no longer the happy camper she once was while sitting pool side.

Kyla is starting to take steps with a helping hand...she is taking her sweet time with this whole walking thing...why walk when everyone is so willing to carry your cute butt everywhere?!
So happy summer is here, if only for a few days...we will soak up this sun for as long as possible! Happy Sunny Days!

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Yesterday Dad and Ben were in a golf tournament for a Nooksack Valley Pioneer Football Club fundraiser! I don't know much about golf...but the boys finished under par....which is good I hear! Dad also got something in the tournament called "best ball"...which meant he and another golfer had a "putt-off" to win a new putter (which was signed by someone important)! Dad won the coin toss so he didn't have to putt first...which was good because it had rained and the ball wasn't rolling on the course the same as earlier in the day. Here is Dad watching the first guy putt....

Here he is making his putt....
We all waited silently as we watched the ball roll up the hill (slowly) then hoped it would pick up more speed down the hill.... did not...! We were all was extremely close though! On the bright side...Ben and I actually won something in the raffle! Well, when I say "we" what I really mean is that one of our tickets was drawn...really Landen won a new John Deere Tractor and hat! He is VERY into hats lately so he will be excited when he comes over next!

It was a fun night out and a great way to kick off the football season...yes...July is football season at our house!

Friday, July 13, 2012


I had to post a few pictures of this sweet girl...I went on a little shopping spree for Kyla...(Landen is next, he is starting pre-school ya know and he NEEDS to have new school clothes!)...we hit the Burlington Outlet Mall and they just happen to be having a huge sale...Who knew??? I got Kyla this little one piece romper...and I just LOVE it!!! She is ready for the sun!!

She also got this sweet little plad skirt and pink shirt...perfect for this summer weather that FINALLY showed up!!


Sadly I didn't take any pictures of the actual party! I had a masters graduation party with my friend we drove to class each night we would continually remind ourselves that when this was all over we were going to have a huge party to celebrate. Unfortunately....the summer weather didn't show up like we had hoped, but we partied in my mom's garage anyways! The night before I got my crafting groove on and made all sorts of cutesy stuff....
 Signs for each dish in the buffet...complete with lime green and red apple brads...which matched the canning jars filled with split peas, tied with a red polka-dot ribbon...and I found these lime green bowls on sale at Walmart for $1 a piece! SCORE!
 This easel is kind of my third pinterest project...this is an easel my good friend Phyllis used in her classroom for years! When she got a new one for next year I snagged this and spray painted it, painted the front with chalkboard paint and presto!
And of course...I had to make some water bottle wraps...this is my new thing for all parties! I just think they are super cute, and super easy!

Thank you to all our friends and family who came to help us celebrate this accomplishment!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Growing Girl...

Kyle is growing and learning new things everyday! Her latest trick is the beginnings of a summer-salt! She is still working on the whole "tuck" concept...she pretty much gets in this position and then waits for SOMEONE to come peek at her between her legs...then she laughs like crazy...and pops her little tush back down!
 However, this new trick is exhausting!! Too much play for this little chica...she lets us know when she is ready for bed...she finds the corner of her blaket and the thumb goes right in the mouth!
What a sweet blessing you are Kyla Joelle...we absolutely can't imagine this world without you! Love you sweet girl!