Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Ben!

This week we celebrated Ben's 28th birthday! We had ourselves a lovely date night to celebrate. We started our day a lot like every other day...except...Ben had to open his present from me at 6:45 am because it's harder for me to wait than him. We both had to (got to) work that day so we spent our Friday with amazing kids...molding their minds...for the better we hope! When we got home from work we spent a few minutes relaxing before we got ready for our date night! (That's right people we've been married for almost four years and we still get ready to impress each other!) We ate dinner together at Everson's finest...oh yeah...Herb Niemann's! For those of you out of is the most AMAZING schnitzel house! Dinner was great! Then we made the not so long drive home and had ice cream cake from DQ with Mom, Dad, Katie, and Landen. I know what your thinking...fancy dessert...but it's one of Ben's favorites! Landen was hilarious...he called it Ben's "happy cake!" We even put candles on it...but not's was an ice cream cake...we didn't want it to melt! Landen just kept asking us "What you doing?" while we lit each candle! We had a great night and sadly have zero pictures to help us remember it! (Wife forgot the camera!) But I thought I would still post a quick blurb about our you Ben...hope you had a great birthday!


  1. Sounds like a fun day for the birthday boy.
    How did time fly by so fast that you guys have been married for almost four years already?
    Happy (late) Birthday Ben!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Ben! Thanks for being a prince for my Abbie!!