Sunday, February 13, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday...

Without question our household was pullin' for the Greenbay Packers! Ben was ready for the game before church, and made sure his nephew was ready too. He made sure Landen was going to wear his Packers shirt from Uncle Ben. And boy was he pround to be wearin' it! He made it very clear that the "Packers are going to win because I'm wearing my shirt!" Before the game Ben taught him the whole "GO PACK GO..." bit. every weekend, I had homework to do, so while Ben watched the game I studied. After the first touchdown of the game (made by the Packers) our phone was Ben's lil Packer fan calling for Uncle Ben with the following message "Woohoo...GO PACK GO PACK GO PACK!" We also go a follow up phone call after the BIG WIN "They won Ben, Packers won...they didn't give up! Woohoo!" It's good Ben has recruited someone to pull for the Packers with him...even if he is only 3!

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