Friday, May 18, 2012


Well I made it, my Master's Defense was last night and I feel like it went well...not to say I wasn't nervous through the first half! It's hard to believe that two and a half years ago I registered for my first TESOL course...thinking "I'll start working toward my endorsement" and now I look back on a completed endorsement, a maters degree and a completed National Board submission! Time has flown by. I am so thankful for my supportive family...they have put up with a lot of "Stressed Abbie" in those two years...and let's be honest so have my co-workers! I am thankful the Lord provided me with a consistent job throughout the process, amazing health (both mentally and physically), and not to mention financially...there are no loan payments at this house for any college education! Woo-Hoo!

The feeling in our house in the last 24 hours has been amazing...not that we weren't happy before but now Ben and I both feel so relaxed...kind of like newlyweds again! I can't wait for a great summer! Only 20 more days of school ladies and gentlement...but whose counting? :)

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