Saturday, October 31, 2009


Okay so Halloween was kind of a bust this year...Ben and I made plans to have dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Hanowell for Grandpa's birthday (not a bust...a ton of fun!) so because we were gone for the first part of the evening...we missed ALL of the trick-or-treaters!! Well ALL except ONE!!! That's right...the cutest trick-or-treater we could ask for! However, Ben and I will not be the ones contributing to those cavities...we got Landen a Curious George Halloween book instead! I saw this book at the book fair at school this week and HAD to get it for my favorite nephew!

Before he even got through the front door the hood to his monkey costume was off and he was charging straight into the house and went directly to the puppies who were locked up in our room with the baby gate.

Cutest monkey butt I've ever seen...he kept telling us to "let them get out!" Eventually his advocacy for the puppies worked and the puppies got to come out! (we weren't getting any trick-or-treaters anyways!)

Landen finally gave me a smile with the monkey hood on...but only if him and Mommy could be "real monkeys" on the floor! Thanks buddy...I know Grandma will be thankful for this picture she is missing you this weekend while she is gone!
Landen quickly checked out his Curious George Halloween book...until he noticed the giant bowl of candy from Costco (that's right people we bought a Costco size bag of candy!!! and no trick-or-treaters)
Look at this genius two year old...holding the book the right way, turning pages the right way...

and picking candy out...okay so maybe we are going to contribute to the cavities a little bit...but he only picked two Twix bars...and they were the bite size ones!

Then when he was running around like a crazy monkey...he tripped and fell...don't worry though, there were no tears...but he did drop one of his Twix bars and it slid under the was pretty funny!

After his minor fall he took off the top half of his monkey costume and went upstairs to play with Uncle Ben...okay so even though we still have a HUGE bowl of candy was still a great night! Thanks for bringing him by Darren and Kate! Cutest monkey we've ever seen!

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