Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Not Quite...

Well...we FINALLY heard back from the car salesman we were working with! The offer on trade in that we got for my car was not what we were hoping for. Although we could still handle the payment...we feel like because it's not going as expected, this is God telling us to sit tight with what we have right now. So right now we are going to focus on paying off Ben's brand new Toyota and then revisit the idea of my new vehicle.

On another note...we got a new puppy!!! Yay!!! (that yay is mostly me....not so much Ben) Ruby is SOOO cute...and VERRRRY spoiled! We are working on breaking some bad habits (you know like whining ALL night) and getting into routines! We got her a crate, and she really seems to like having her own space...she even climbs in on her own now. This is supposed to be a quick post (because Ruby is sleeping, which means we should be sleeping while we can) so I don't have time to put up a picture of her now but I promise I will get to it this weekend! She is darling!

Have a great rest of the weekend everyone!

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