Wednesday, April 7, 2010

So far...

I'm already behind on my Thursday evening postings! But...I did an extra last week so I'm feeling okay about it! That pergola that we put up for Grams and Pops last Saturday...didn't survive the wind storms we had this week! Pops is hoping that he can order some replacement parts to fix it, but Ben's not sure if it's fixable. :( Huge bummer!
We had a great Easter! We went to Ben's Aunt Dawn's for a visit with his family, we were able to catch up with Rich and Tanya...which was WAY over due! It was very low key and relaxing! After Ben's family get together we headed over to mom and dad's to have an egg hunt with Landen and have dinner with both sets of grandparents and Kate and Darren. Landen was hilarious on his egg'd never know he had no competition...because he was still RUNNING from egg to egg and throwing them into his bucket as fast as he could! He kept saying "Come on grandpa grandpa...more eggs!" Dad was able to keep up with the two year old this year...but I dunno about next year...Landen seems to get faster and faster, and dad well...he's not quite as fast! :)

Landen's favorite "treat" from his egg hunt was his dinosaurs...! He put his playing on hold for a quick picture! (thanks buddy!)


  1. I can't believe how big Landen is getting. We really need to have Kate bring him here again for another play date with Ethan. Ethan loves having him here and the two boys play so well together.

    Major bummer about the pergola. I hope it's repairable!!

  2. Wayne just came running up over my shoulder, and said, "Hey, that's my friend from my class. Why you lookin' at him? What's his name." Love that boys are "friends" even if they don't know each other's names!

  3. That's so funny...Landen told me yesterday (Wednesday) that he went to SUNDAY school...and I said "you did?" and he said "Yep I did!" He loves being there! (he did not go for the record...mommy cleared that up)

  4. I swear they look like twins (a few years apart!!). Can't believe how big Landen is getting! Great photos - thanks for sharing.