Sunday, March 28, 2010

Our Saturday!

On Saturday Ben and I went over to my grandparents to help do a little Spring Cleaning and put together a new canopy-thing my grandpa picked out (on his own!). Our day didn't start none too early because I HAVE to sleep's a must! Mom, Katie, and I (with a little help from Landen) organized both bathrooms including new paint jobs and decor! They look awesome...I'm still not sure why I didn't take pictures for the blog...I must have been really focused! I did manage to take a couple pictures of Ben putting together the new purchase...he did a great job and it went together almost seamlessly...except for the new hole he drilled because the manufacturer didn't line it up correctly and the screw wouldn't go in.

Eventually Dad and Grandpa came out to see how the progress was coming along...

I'm pretty sure my grandpa yelled into the house about now and said "Ma...ya wanna make me some coffee!" :) Pretty funny...I think he's going to really enjoy sitting outside with his new purchase drinkin' his coffee, as long as it doesn't get too hot! Which we didn't have to worry about on Saturday!

My Dad on the other hand...was really trying to contribute to the process...he was carefully pealing the paper off of the lantern to hang in the center or the structure Ben was building!It was a fun day and the canopy looks great! Now if we can get a few sunny days this week to enjoy it!

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  1. How cool that you all helped G'pa and G'ma! Love the new pergola! We should try and get a few sunny days in ourselves............pasta salad and rolls.....mmmmmmmmmmm!