Sunday, May 16, 2010

Busy busy...

Life has been keeping this household busy lately...and we have the pictures to prove it! April was a great month for me with Scentsy! God really blessed me with some great opportunities to meet new people who host GREAT parties! I sold over $2,000 worth of product and earned a bonus this month (on top of regular commision). This "hobby" has turned into a nice little stash! I had the opportunity to host a Relay for Life party...and it went great! I ended up closing 3 huge parties all in one night...which means all 3 parties were delivered from the UPS guy on the same day...needless to say our house was a Scentsy storage room!!!

These were just the scentsy bars we had...sorted by scent of course...Ben likes to see which scent was most popular for each order...this time it was Vanilla Cream by one bar! (Honey Pear Cider, and Coconut Lemongrass were close behind)

The counter top was FULL of Plug-In Warmers...

While under the counter top was full of Mid-Size Warmers....

And the Full-Size Warmers under the card table...but I am realizing now that...I must have missed a stash of warmers somewhere, because this wasn't all of them! oops... :)

And Ruby is slowly getting "trained" although she is still waking up between 5:30 am and 6:30 am....she slept til 7:00 the day after she got her shots...which makes Ben want to give her shots every day...but I said "not gonna happen!" We did a little shopping this weekend, because I am caught up on homework and work work...Ruby and I both got new outfits!

I know what your thinking...Ben already called Animal Control for cruelty to puppies! :) Ruby really didn't mind it at all...and it's only her second I don't think I'm out of control YET!


  1. Girl, you are TOO out of control! Ha ha. Darling pic, though, and keep those Scentsys coming! Love them!

  2. Well...when/if I have kids you'll see me outta control! Trust me this is nothing!