Thursday, September 9, 2010

I don't know...

...what happens! I try to keep up on blogging, but then an entire month goes by and I didn't blog AT ALL! Here's the thing, I take pictures, I really do! I have all sorts of pictures that I completely intended on posting for all of you! Even Ben has started taking blog pictures, they just never seem to make their way onto the blog! I am going to try to do better (I realize I say this about every other month) but I am going to this time!

This summer Uncle Ben gave Landen his first "kitchen cut" except he got it outside where the hair could FLY! Now he will inform Ben that he "needs a new buzz."

I'm not sure if I mentioned this in my LACK of blogging in the Spring, but Ben is coaching for the Nooksack High school football team. It started with Spring practice and now that Fall is has picked up with force! I think a fellow coaches wife said it best tonight at the "family dinner" before practice when she said "I've gotten used to being a coaches widow." Ha! It is a HUGE time commitment but man does Ben LOVE it! I can see it all over his face every time he comes home from practice, games, and coaches meetings. (yes there are coaches meetings!) So needless to say Friday nights you will find us at the games! I am so happy that Ben has found his passion and pray that God continues to open doors in this area!

I have started the school year and found myself wondering "where the heck did summer go?" SERIOUSLY??? I am happy to be back into the routine, especially with Ben having so many commitments to football. I am teaming with Amy Moss this year and it is going AWESOME! One of my second graders said it best today when she told me that "you and Ms. Moss are very organized." (I took it as a compliment!) I am teaching another year split up...mornings are special education k-5 and afternoons are with my multi-age kiddos (1st and 2nd graders together!) I am looking forward to another great year and feel SO blessed to have a full-time job. I am officially accepted into my masters program...I am transferring credits from this past year and am looking forward to Spring of 2012 when my masters will be completed, Lord willing, my national boards certification earned, and my ELL endorsement finished! I'm not sure what I'll do with my time after that!!

AND the best of news of all....I AM GOING TO BE AN AUNTIE AGAIN!! I am so excited for Kate and Darren...and Landen! He is finally going to be a big brother, and just ask him about it and he'll tell you about his "sister-brother." For now that is all the major news I have...Ben and football, Abbie and school and work, and Landen being a brother! Have a great weekend everyone!!

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