Sunday, October 3, 2010


Here are SOME of the pictures I had taken this summer with intentions of blogging...some of them are just too random to post...but these were okay I thought!

This is a picture of Ben and I before he left for his FIRST home game as a coach for NVHS!

And of course I MADE him let me get a picture for the blog! (I'm pretty sure he's thinking sometime like: "Really Wife?")

Here is a picture of Ben coaching the boys at their very first game at Quest Field!!! Not a great game, but a great opportunity to be a coach on an NFL field!

Uncle Ben gave Landen his first buzz...he sat so good...and now informs Ben that he "...needs a new buzz."

I'm not sure when he got so big...still just as blond as the day he was born!
"Ta Da!" Buzz complete...he gave us a nice cheesey smile to blog about!

Now I can feel better about taking new pictures for the blog and hopefully I'll be more successful with posting them!

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