Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Diamonds are a girls best friend...

The boys were all working and so the girls went shopping...there had been plenty of talk about getting Kyla's ear's pierced, so we decided today was the day! So off we went to the mall and we headed straight to Claire's! When we got there, there was an 8 year old getting her ears pierced for her birthday and guess what her name was??? Kyla! Weird huh? So we waited our turn and took a couple "before pictures."

Don't you think this bald little head is just begging to have something girly? We thought so too! Kyla truly did amazing! Don't get me wrong there was some tears, but no more than when she gets her shots, and her mommy said "Shots are worse!" After she got both ears done, she settled down with a bottle and little Tylenol and slept the entire shopping trip! She looks just as girly as can be with her new sparklies!

At Claire's after your ears are done, you get to pick a sucker for being so good, since Kyla is too little for her sucker, Landen scored and got to pick one.

Right after she got her ears pierced Landen said "Awww look at her sweet lil ear rings!" He is such a great big brother, he watched the entire time to make sure nobody hurt his baby! We had a great shopping trip and the kids did awesome. Looking forward to our next shopping day!

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