Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sumas Days!

Today mom and I got to have the kids while Katie did hair for a wedding! Even though the sun wasn't shinning, the wind was blowing, we decided to brave the parade for Sumas Days. We sat right by the bus stop just in case the clouds decided to open up we could take shelter under the covered area! The parade was good, and even though it was chilly we had a good time. Landen wasn't too sure about going into the street to get candy, he would only go if an adult held his hand and took him out to get it! As nontraditional as this seems, it was actually a great thing, it shows he listens carefully when his daddy tells him over and over "stay away from the road buddy!" He still managed to make a haul with his candy. He put his stash in the stroller pocket and we headed to the park for the carnival!

Waving at "Grandpa Grandpa" in the big fire year he might need to ride in the truck he had quite the parade wave goin'...

And the the BOUNCY HOUSE!!!...we were down the street from the park and Landen says "oh I LOVE bouncy houses!" He did awesome, and had a lot of energy to burn after eating that parade candy!
Spending tickets on a new water gun and a orange squishy spider...
Bean bag toss....
Dunk tank...Landen had no trouble dunking the cheerleaders...they thought he was "SOOO cute..." until they saw his arm...he throws pretty hard for a 3-year-old!
Kyla slept the entire morning!!! She is SUCH a good baby!
And it wouldn't be a carnival if we didn't eat corn dogs! YUM!! It was a great day and we had a lot of fun!

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