Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Addition Post #4

Okay...finally, an update! In all fairness I had some great pictures of the house...but this silly blogspot isn't letting me upload pictures from my computer! Weird!!! Only pictures from my phone...and normally when I get home from work, it's already dark, so the pictures on my phone have been limited. But tonight when I got home...I fell in love with out master suite! This will be our fireplace...I know it's hard to picture, but this is the first time I have really seen my "vision" start to take shape! I am so excited to have this part will be awhile (clearly) but it will be beautiful. This weekend we are going to go look at tile/slate options...just to get some ideas, my OUR hope is to have the fireplace have stacked stone (or at least look like stacked stone) from the floor to the ceiling...can you picture it????

Now I haven't taken a picture of it, but I promise I will soon...the upstairs is starting to well...get a little messy. Upstairs, the sheet-rock has been taken off the entire wall...that being said my precious husband has decided it is no longer a suitable space to play XBOX. Guess what that means...yup, the XBOX is now down stairs. I think he thought I would really be grumpy about this, but seriously, if you saw the rest of the crazy, muddy mess around here, you would agree this is minor!

I think I say this every time I post about the addition, but...I AM SO EXCITED!!! Can you imagine my excitement level when I get to decorate??? 

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