Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Classroom Make-Over

Over winter break I had some time to enjoy Pinterest...I came across a picture of an "office" that had 3 shelves above a desk, and I decided "I LOVE THAT!" My dad had recently built my mom a new wall unit in her living-room which eliminated a need for her computer desk. I asked if I could "store" it in my classroom. Dad had a bit of extra lumber left over from mom's project so he cut out these shelves. A somewhat quick trip to Home Depot and I got six shelf brackets for less than $2.00 a piece! This project cost less than $10.00 (thanks to my handy dad and generous mom)! I had pretty much everything you see on the shelves already in my classroom...a few little added touches and it came together beautifully!

I was then inspired by my wonderful co-worker (Sarah) to revamp my many binders! In teaching there are a few basic blessings: 3" binders, gallon zip lock bags, and sticky notes! Binders are a blessing but also a curse...I like things to be organized and unison...so when I found a card stock book of animal print at Michael's I was beyond excited! My mom and I got all the binders recovered and now they are functional and pretty! Perfect next to my zebra chair (which was my splurge this summer, I couldn't pass it up!)

I decided I spend more time in my classroom than I do at home...so it is important to me that it feels "homey" and is a place I enjoy...and trust me, I enjoy it!

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