Saturday, January 9, 2010

Late Christmas Pictures...

I realize how late these pictures are...I almost didn't even put them up because we are so past Christmas, but I thought, what the heck? So here we go...Christmas in January!

Here I am in front of the Christmas tree...about to open my present from Ben...which by the way he denied getting me the entire time...he said that my new trunk in the living room was my present...I knew he had to be joking! ;)

I was spoiled AGAIN this year with diamonds...they are a girl's best friend right? Well Ben has that figured out! I got a diamond necklace from Ben Bridge! Thanks honey, I love it!

A quick picture of Ben before he opened his present from me... iPod nano...took him awhile to figure it all out...but he eventually got it. I told him that if he couldn't figure something out, that he could take it to work and ask one of the middle school kids...I'm sure they would know!

We had a nice relaxing Christmas morning/afternoon together before heading to my grandma's for a family dinner...I'll post more pictures of that soon!

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