Monday, December 28, 2009

Meet The Ladies...

Okay so I promised some pictures of the puppies some time ago...but they really just started looking like puppies so here they are!
From left to right we have: Charity on the bottom left, Hope on the top middle, and Faith on the bottom right...And of course Landen!
This is a close up of Charity...she is by far the smallest so far!
Here is a close up of Hope...she is MY FAVORITE!!!
Another cute one of Hope...she is the biggest, and the fattest!!
Another picture of Hope...she is such a cuddlier...I held her for hours on Christmas day...and she slept for the majority of it! If Mom and I can talk the boys into it, we'd LOVE to take Hope home...she is such a sweetie!
I'm sure I will have more pictures of the girls soon, and I will try to even it out a little more, I realize there aren't very many of Faith...and I have A TON of Hope...but I'll try to get some more later this month. Right now they are just starting to walk on their feet, they are very wobbly. All three of them are starting to rough house and play with each other...especially Charity and Hope. They still don't have teeth, but they give a lot of puppy kisses already!

Christmas pictures will be coming soon...I'll try to get them up during Landen's nap tomorrow!

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