Sunday, June 20, 2010

An Enjoyable Sunday...

Okay blogging two days in a row...I think I am going to like this summer break stuff! Today was another great day off. We got up at a reasonable hour, got ready for church, got our usuals at Coffee Girls (which they had ready as we pulled up to the window!), listened to another amazing sermon from Pastor Craig and spent the afternoon with my dad for Father's Day. Before we went to grandma and grandpa's for dinner we presented dad with his brand new reclining lawn chair! We felt like the annual golfing gift certificate wasn't going to cut it this year with the left arm in a sling!
My artist husband felt the need to capture some photos of the flowers before we left for the afternoon...not too shabby! I'm developing these pictures and plan to mat them on card stock for thank you, thinking of you etc. cards!

When we got home I got on some kind of cleaning/organizing streak! With mom's help I rearranged the kitchen a tiny bit and found myself (and Ben) some extra counter space. Then I decided that since my giant Scentsy order came and I got my 4th of July warmer ("Freedom to Choose" bundle available through June...Candy Cane warmer with an optional navy dish for $35)that I'd put it out! Here is my new kitchen window:

My train of thought was...Home of the Brave... Alright until my next blog...enjoy the week everyone!

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