Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Nights...

We ate our first meal under grandpa and grandma's new "pergola." After the last new one got blown away with our spring wind storms they hired a contractor to build one that would not blow away! It was absolutely lovely!

Grams had a "quick surgery" on her leg yesterday and spent the night at the hospital and got to come home today. We brought over a lasagna, salad and bread and ate outside.

"Smile Daddy..." getting sick and tired of that stupid sling already...he can CAREFULLY take it out of the sling for a rest as long as he puts a pillow under it, and lifts his left arm (the one that had surgery) with his right arm (the one that gets surgery next).

Ben got on a roll with taking more pictures of flowers...he got some really good ones of grandpa's famous roses! I should have posted some of them...maybe next time!

I LOVE these flowers...I dunno why...they're just pretty I think!

We got our "sun room" all set for the summer....this area gets nice and warm during the day...the perfect spot for getting a nice tan, if only the sun would stay with us for more than 5 minutes! This was a wonkie day...sun, overcast, sun, overcast....

And last but not least, we gave the game room a quick mini face lift with a new area rug! Ben starts almost every morning up here with a cup of coffee and a quick game of xbox (football, basketball or baseball...depending on the season). This is completely Ben's room...all sports, all his favorite teams...team colors are the theme in this room (even though none of them go together, which drives this wife crazy)...Gators: blue and orange; Astros: black and red; Packers: green and gold...seriously...God is teaching me that not everything has to be perfect! Although I did get to have input on the new area rug...and I think it pulls it together somewhat! :)

We also took a trip to the dentist today...nice to get that checked off the list! One of those things nobody EVER wants to do, and let's face it when we don't have our parents making us go and making the appointment for us...it's hard to make it for yourself! (Lucky for Ben I made his appointment for him!) Until the next accomplishment is documented...(pond waterfall is on the to do list, pictures to come!)

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  1. Men have to have their space - Ben's looks pretty good to me! Hopefully I can come sit in your outdoor living room this summer - pasta salad and rolls!!!