Wednesday, July 7, 2010

College Friends...

...are the best! On Tuesday Ben and I had to go down to UofW for my annuel check up with my respetory doctor. (All is well, nothing has changed, which is good, and they are very pleased with my performance on the testing I did this year) We decided to make a day of it and met up with a friend of ours from Western! It has been probably two years since I have seen my good friend Kacie, and I was thrilled to get to spent the afternoon/evening with her! We had dinner on the pier at Anthony's...Kacie and I both had the most amazing crab...and Ben had the only thing on the menu that wasn't shell fish! :)

Ben and I got a quick picture with the water in the can't see it in this picture but Mt. Raineer is in the background too! What a beautiful state we live in!!

After dinner we went back to Kacie's appartment to catch up and can you believe this is her view? This picture was taken on Kacie's balcony...Ben says this doesn't do it justice because it makes the Space Needle look farther away than it really it...but for the record it's a few blocks away. We had a great visit...until we got half way home and I realized that I forgot my purse at Kacie's! Whoops! Being the great friend that she is she mailed it to me over night the next day and I had it back very quickly! Now I live with my husband asking me if I "have my head" every time we leave some place!

It was a lot of fun dispite the purse situation and we plan to go back VERY soon!

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