Saturday, July 17, 2010

Seattle Aquarium!

Katie and Darren took a quick vacation...that meant that between mom, dad, Ben and I we had the little man for 5 full days!! Ben and I thought it would be fun to take him to the Seattle Aquarium...and of course visit Kacie again! All week we kept talking about going to see the fish and naturally Landen wanted to see sharks! Any time you asked him where we were going he said "the zium." We drove down with no problems what so ever...other than the brief stand still on the freeway as we entered Seattle...Landen is quite the backseat driver! He kept telling Uncle Ben to "GO!" Along the way he also told us that "green means go and red means stop." He has become very familiar with the Space Needle after going to Kacie's apartment and can now point it out with no prompting!
When we finally got to the "zium" he LOVED everything. That smile didn't leave his face! Here's a tip for the Seattle Aquarium...having the "touch pool" the first thing in the door at the aquarium makes a two year old think that EVERY tank in the entire aquarium is a touch tank! "Pick me up Uncle Ben I want to touch it!" at every single area!
Landen LOVED Kacie, of course, and it was great to have an extra set of hands with the little man...anyone who knows my nephew knows what I mean!

Landen got used to climbing up onto my footrest to get an extra boost to touch in the touch tanks.

All of the precious creatures in the touch tanks!

Uncle Ben and Landen looking at the sea creatures in the water archway.

That little finger did a lot of point that day...

Landen hangin' onto an octopus leg...

I'm not really sure what this is a picture of...but it seemed "aquarium-ish"

Landen and Uncle have No idea how many tries it took to get both heads in the circle cut outs at the same time...

Landen looking at the Sea Otters....again he had to be UP!

Landen looking at the seal on the dock!

During our aquarium adventure, Landen became obsessed with taking pictures! This was one of the pictures he took, trust me there were TONS!!! This one is cute because you can see his reflection in the window.

He finally started to understand the whole stick your head in the circle and smile thing!

Landen got "pocket money" from grandma before we left. All week he talked about wanting to buy a shark to take home...side note, there are NO sharks at the Seattle Aquarium...and when we finally got to the gift shop this is what he HAD to's a has absolutely nothing to do with the aquarium...but that's what he wanted to buy and he LOVES it! I did get him a stuffed shark and a "Curious George Goes to the Aquarium" book...for actual proof that yes we did go to the aquarium.

Ben and I in front of the fountain outside the aquarium...

Landen and Uncle Ben...and the grabber!

About three piers down I saw a huge carrousel in the distance...I thought it would be awesome to take Landen on his first carrousel ride...I couldn't wait to get a picture of him on a cute horse...that thought was shattered when Landen threw an absolute fit when Ben tried to put him on a horse...when we let him choose...he wanted to ride in the red sled behind this man who we didn't know...again this was the best picture I could get...since Landen is nearly not visible in the giant sled...but Uncle Ben looks cute waving! :)

It was a great trip!

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  1. I think there was one shark in the big tank with all the different sharks! Aleks (and darrin) was not happy when we went last weekend he thought there would be BIG sharks like on TV!