Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday treat...

Landen stopped by tonight (with his mommy) to pick up his birthday invitations! He requested a "Chocolate Birthday Party" this year...and Katie thought "Where do you find 3-year old birthday invites with a chocolate theme?" Sooo...we got busy and whipped them out in no time! Here he is holding his invites proudly...shortly after this picture he told Uncle Ben "you can come to my chocolate's gonna be really fun!" :) How do you not LOVE this kid?!!
Thanks for the Monday visit's just what I needed! -xoxoxo


  1. A Chocolate party? Sounds like my nephew Alex! He loves chocolate and has been known to ask for it for his birthday and Christmas presents! Too funny! Those invites look great. Awesome job! I bet that party will be a blast! -Jenny

  2. yay for a blog post! the invitations look SUPER cute!