Monday, October 25, 2010

Birthday Boy...

On Sunday we officially celebrated Landen's 3rd birthday! I have always loved kids...but I never knew loving a child until I met my nephew! He stole my heart from the SECOND he was born! The first thing I said to my sister when he was born (and continue to say to her daily) "He is so cute!" I started looking through pictures to find a newborn picture to post with his latest and came across this do you not LOVE that face!
At his party...with his ORANGE, MONSTER, CHOCOLATE CUPCAKE! He was dying to eat this sucker for a good 24 hours!
I wish I had been more on top of things at his party...but sadly I was not! :( I didn't get very good pictures this year, and even worse...I didn't get Landen on video when he was singing Happy Birthday to himself! Even though it's not the went a little something like this!
Landen: "Hey everyone start singin' happy birthday!"
Everyone: "To who?"
Landen: "TO ME!"
Grandpa-grandpa: "Who will start us out?"
Landen: "YOU!"
Grandpa-grandpa: "Ohhh no, not grandpa-grandpa, how about you start?"
Landen: "Okay...Happy birthday to me..."
after the entire song has been completed our precious three-year-old claps incessantly with the biggest smile on that same darling little face!
Where does the time go??

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  1. Being an auntie is the best job in the world. And you are so good at it!