Friday, November 26, 2010

Turkey Day!

Ben and I had a great Thanksgiving. This year Ben's family planned a huge family get together with the entire Hanowell side of the family. Despite the snow, we bundled up and headed out to Ferndale for our first turkey dinner. After a visit with his family and delicious turkey (and salmon, thanks Uncle Jim) we headed back out to Everson for dinner with my family. Like everyone else, we ate way too much and rolled home with very full bellies! I did think of taking pictures for the blog...however, BOTH camera batteries were dead. What are the chances? So I plugged them in while we ate our turkey and when we came home they were ready to go!

This snow was Ruby's first experience with the white fluffy stuff...and let me tell ya, she wasn't a fan! It was a chore to get her to go outside to do her business! Ace on the other hand LOVES the snow, and it's an even bigger chore to get him to come IN the house! He gets all the snow stuck in his fur and it turns into a TON of tiny snowballs all throughout his legs and tummy! This picture does not do a very good job showing what he looks like after being outside, Ben tried to get most of it off before carrying him inside...

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

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