Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

My favorite trick-or-treater of the night! (A close second was some little boy who told us we had a HUGE house with an AWESOME staircase!)

Landen wanted to be "Bruce the Shark" this year, and his Mommy delivered! The best part was when he said "Name's Bruce!" just like on "Finding Nemo."
We try to avoid candy for the children we have to see later that evening so Landen got matchbox cars...he loves to line them up on the hardwood...check out the second picture...I love how the puppies are right next to him watching him!
It was vital that ALL his cars be in the bag! Ace thought there might be something in that bag for such luck, sorry buddy!
Oh, he also got a Clifford Halloween book, he took a quick "picture walk" before heading out to the next stop!

Next year we will have TWO favorite trick-or-treaters! Can't wait!!

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