Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fair Day 2

That's right... I am back on the blogging ban wagon! AND I am back posting! I have so many pictures that I meant to blog, I have to put them up! WAY back in August, we went to the fair with my sister and her two sweet kiddos. This was our adventure!
 Sweet Kyla Joelle! We weren't sure how long she would last at the fair, it was so very hot! Our plan was to see how she would do and when she had enough Mommy would take her home, and Uncle Ben and I would finish off the night with Landen at the fair...turns out...she did AWESOME and we all stayed til dark!

 Landen and I had corn dogs for dinner...and not just any corn dog..."World's Best Corn Dogs!" I don't know if they were the best...but they were huge!

 Look at this tricky camera was that big!!!

 And what fair would be complete without games!!! There were only 3 play til ya win games...and those are the kind this Auntie likes!

Oh, and of course the amazing prizes...I think he walked away with two of these fabulous blow up balls...because choices were a touch limited!

Playing the same game...AGAIN....

Yep...there's the second one!!! .

Meanwhile, Uncle Ben and Ky Ky were drinking some strawberry lemonade...

None of us thought Landen would go on rides...he has enter a stage in his life where he is extremely cautious! To our surprise he went on rides and he went on them ALONE! We were all so surprised and proud of him for being so brave!

Down the big slide!!!

And onto the poofy landing mat!

Hydrating...very important!
After this "ride" we (the grown ups) decided we liked the rides we could see him in at all times...this one made all of us a little nervous...

We ran into Maddie (a fellow football coach's daughter) and she let Landen feed her goat peanuts!

We learned Kyla doesn't just like...she LOVES cotton candy!

She kept a close eye on this bag all night...

Landen on the other hand LOVES bubble gum ice cream from the Dairy Women's booth!

There was some serious blue stain on that cute little like the weirdest things! (although I hear this is also his Daddy's favorite ice cream too!)

On our walk back to the car Uncle Ben said "My dogs are barkin" and Landen said "What are you talking about? What dogs?" Once we explained what that meant he informed Uncle Ben that his dogs were barkin he got a ride all the way back!
I had totally forgotten about my funnel I had to grab it on the way out...but I ate it as soon as I got here is my last yummy fair treat of the year!
We had a great time at the fair with the people we love...can't wait until next year!!!!

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