Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy Birthday!...and Our Update...

It was Ben's birthday on Tuesday so we were off to his favorite place to eat, Herb Niemans. He got his usual Cajun Steak...and we both got dessert...not something we do very often! It was so nice to go out to dinner for a date after the past few crazy months! 
Here is a little update:

-Ben just finished up another season of coaching was a fun season and I went to a lot of the games this year! (Including Friday the rain!)
-I don't know how this happened, but I am going to school again! I am taking an online class (one a quarter) until earn a certificate in Teacher Leadership. This keeps me a little busy along with my role in the school with implementing these new structures. But what a great opportunity!?!
-We have decided to make our house a little we are adding on! We looked around at other places and decided, there just isn't a house out there that we like as much as ours. Plus we love where we live and who we live by! It was a little bit of a process but we finally have our building permits and everything is a GO! We are preparing ourselves and our house for the addition and hope to start by the end of the month! Yippy!
I am hoping to keep you updated on the house will be a good reason to blog...!  Until then, enjoy this beautiful Fall Season...I LOVE IT!

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