Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Weekend Away...

Probably not the post you were expecting! My sister and brother-in-law went away for the weekend...so the littles stayed with grandma and grandpa. Well, you can imagine since we are grandma and grandpa's neighbors...we also have the littles for the weekend. Landen has become extremely comfortable crossing the yard by himself (sometimes without notifying anyone!) This weekend away also landed on our church family's annual Thanksgiving Banquet! Of course we gotta get all cleaned up for the event! Here is grandpa and Kyla...ready to go! Matching even!!! (that part wasn't even planned!)
 Landen....hair spiked up and clothes changed!!! All ready to go...HANDSOME!
 It took about 10 tries...but I finally got an "okay" picture of Kyla on her own! Side note...she is much too familiar with the phone...finds it no matter where it is located and immediately puts the phone to her hear and says "HI" or "HEY" too cute!
 Landen was SO good once we got to the banquet! He literally colored and listened to the speakers the entire time! He was so excited to go this year...he asked me approximately every 10 minutes if we could leave for the banquet! On the way there he wanted to be assured that he was going to be early...when he saw all the cars in the parking lot he told me in a very grumpy/bossy voice "Great, we're late!" I quickly reminded him that we were actually 1 minute EARLY!
When we got home it was time for baths!!! Landen and Ky were both a little under the weather so it just seemed like a good idea to get all clean and warm before bed! Landen took a big boy shower...
 ...while Kyla took her bath in the kitchen sink...check out that sweet smiley face!
 Of course we had Joe Boxer too! He definitely missed his daddy while they were gone! (I think even more than the littles!)
We had a great weekend with the littles and are glad to "practice" parenting...and it is a quick reminder of how amazing my sister and brother-in-law are for doing this parenting business all the time! (and for raising two sweet kids!) Thanks for sharing them with us!

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