Sunday, December 30, 2012

Shopping With The Girls!

On Saturday Landen had a birthday party to go to, so Kyla got to hang out with Auntie and Grandma-Grandma! We met Kate at Micheal's and took Kyla for the day. She is one excellent little shopper! She loved sitting in the cart at Micheal's...I think she enjoyed going everywhere we went, having our attention 100% of the time, and telling everyone she meets "Hi!"
 Look at this sweet little smile! Patiently waiting in line to buy our animal print card stock for Auntie's classroom! (stay tuned for a post containing my latest project!)
Then we were off to Target to pick out new towels and rugs for Auntie's new bathroom. I finally remembered to bring a pillow sham from our new bedding so I could get a good match for the new master bath! (Ky liked the blue too!)

We did a little "fun" shopping...we found this supper soft pink fleecy blanket with little white hearts on it...we thought it would be perfect for Valentine's Day! (I especially like Kyla's little crossed feet in this picture, she is ready to cuddle up with that blanky)

And then there was the pink heart pillow! Kyla REALLY liked this! Auntie is going to have to go back and get it for her "love present" for Valentines Day!

Shopping can make a girl hungry...Kyla snack of choice is fruit since she was with Auntie and Grandma, she pretty much got to have whatever she wanted, and she wanted 3 packs of fruit she ate three small packs of fruit snacks. And she was happy about it! After Target we headed to Sears to check out their big sales since they are going out of business...while we were there Kate called and said her and Landen were on their way to the mall for the hand off...and so ended out girls shopping trip. It was sure a lot of fun though...I'm so excited to have a future shopping partner...she definitely DIDN'T get that from her mother! :)

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