Thursday, October 1, 2009

And The Chaos Begins...

Well...the first night of class is behind me and it does seem managable. (I might have to come back and read my own blog later to remind myself of this) The professor is awesome, and she has a Special Educaton background too! I've already signed up for my first powerpoint presentation and it really doesn't seem too difficult! I am feeling much calmner than I was during the first ten minutes of class while ALL the books for ONE class were being passed out! (see below photo :) ) Now I know I am a worrier...but even my friend turned around and said "So...ya wanna just get outta here now?" We ended up getting out 40 minutes early so I was home by 7:40! Yay! And to top it all off my amazing husband had a wonderful dinner ready for us to enjoy together! Ben's subbing has REALLY picked up...the 5:50 am phone calls are in full swing! We are praying they continue because so far most of the phone calls have come on the mornings he already has jobs. It must be this weird cold/flu thing going around...the kids at school are dropping like flies! I had a total of 13 first graders today (after sending one home with a fever!). So far Ben and I have bothed stayed healthy!! With a somewhat busy weekend coming up we hope to stay that way!
On a side note...I found these pictures of our fish out in our pond. Ben must have taken these pictures last week...ya know before the neighborhood racoon came for the third time to dine from our pond!!! It's really sad...these were fun to have around...Landen had just bought new "duckies" to float in the water!

Maybe we'll replentish the pond after the freezing months are over! I am loving this Fall is my favorite season...bring on the hot drinks and cold nights!

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  1. I love fall too! Yesterday I had every candle in the house lit! :-)