Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fun Busy Weekend With Family

What a great weekend...busy but great! On Friday Katie and Darren finally got to move into their new like families do...we all loaded and packed...then unload and unpack! So while everyone was busy working I was taking pictures! AND playing with Landen of course! Today most of the unpacking was done so Katie, mom and I were hanging pictures and turning the new house into the new home...and since we had a screw driver out...Landen needed a screw driver. Well, he was getting an entire tool set for his birthday (which is tomorrow) but he "needed it" now. So he got an early birthday present...

And he found his very own black and decker power screw driver!

And it is always important to remeber safety first!

And once he had all his tools...he HAD to help grandpa fix the drawer in the while grandpa tried to figure it out Landen held the black and decker "ashlight" to see...

Eventually...he lost interest and decided that playing in the drawer would be way more while grandpa fixed the drawer Landen played inside the drawer.
Meanwhile...Ben spent all of Friday night and most of this afternoon transforming what was once a very pink little girl's room into Landen's new bedroom. This time around Landen has requested a barn for his new room..."and sheeps and cows too!" It's not finished yet, but Landen is already very pleased with the progress...he walks into his room and says "oh...nice barn...sanks" but it should be completed before his big birthday party on Saturday.

And when Uncle Ben finally called it quits for the evening...he and Landen played in the "new livin room" at the "new house"...

And so 10:30 on a Saturday night...we are sleepy...and ready for a lazy Sunday. More pictures will come soon to show the progress on Landen's new's turning out great so far...I have one talented husband!


  1. I can't believe how big Landen is getting! He's super cute!

  2. What a great Uncle and Auntie Landen has! You guys are the bestest!