Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Although it didn't get done on Thanksgiving night like usual...we finally got all of our Christmas decor out for the season! Traditionally Ben and I get it all out after eating way too much turkey on Thanksgiving...but this year...puppies were born and shopping had to be done and school and needless to say, it was all done the first week of December this year! I thought I would post a few pictures of my favorite parts... Of course, the downstairs Christmas Tree...traditional red and green, upon Ben's request when we got married and bought our first set of ornaments. ALL's kind of my theme through the house...this way it's safe to be up past Christmas...although it never is...!

Our fireplace mantle. Nothin too fancy here, our two lonely stockings. Ben says I can't put too much on the mantle because after all, we have to make sure the TV remote continues to work through the holidays!

This is kind of hard to see, and the picture definitely doesn't do it's on top of our computer says "O Holy Night" and the white houses and trees are candles...NEVER to be lit of course!
This is the beloved Christmas Tree upstairs in Ben's sports room. His theme is Greenbay Packers. He's hoping Santa brings him a tree topper this year. I'm hoping Santa brings him a tree skirt...this is just a sad tree!
This is our kitchen window. The hanging Christmas balls are new this year...Ben's not a huge fan...but I really like it! And yes...that is a stick...specifically picked out for this purpose! The trees are left over from our wedding, they were great centerpieces...and now they are perfect by my window...

My new snowman cookie jar from At Home America! Ben wants to know why it's empty! Maybe over Winter Break we can work on filling that bad boy up...but until then, it's purely for decoration!

And, our bedroom. Only mild decorating in here...I love putting our nativity scene in here because it matches so well! Our walls look very pink in this picture, but in real life they are very RED! (just wanted to clear that up!)

A few Christmasy touches on the shadow box next to the bed...

Last but not least the bathroom. I know what your thinking..."who puts pictures of their bathroom on a blog?" But remember this is so you can see the Christmas decorations! Plus this room, sadly, is my favorite! I love the glass piece...and for Christmas it is out with the sand and starfish and in with the snow and Christmas balls!, green, and snowmen!

Landen walked into our bathroom last week and said "Aww...that's pretty..." then he touched these Christmas balls and said "That's awesome!"

For those of you who don't know, and might think I'm a lil crazy for putting up window frames in the bathroom...these are the window frames from the old garage that used to stand where our house is before we tore it down to build the house. So we took down the starfish and put up the Christmas wreaths! (Thanks for letting me barrow your wreaths mom!)

Can you believe we are down to 16 days until Christmas?? Only 16 more days to enjoy this holiday season...then it's just going to be cold, snowy January! Enjoy the season...Merry Christmas!


  1. I LOVE all of your decorations! Your house is beautiful!!

  2. LOVE the decorations, so cute! Makes me want to go buy more to make it that nice! :)

  3. Looks beautiful Ab - I'll definately have to come up for coffee and see it in real life!