Wednesday, December 9, 2009

An Evening With the Little Man...

Okay...I have to admit...I've had pictures to post on the blog for weeks!! So although it's late I am still putting them up. Ben and I got to have Landen when Kate and Mom were helping Molly with the nursery. We did a variety of activities like coloring Curious George pictures, playing online at (working on colors, patterns, shapes), learning how to write his name etc. But Landen's FAVORITE out of all the educational things I tried....was watching Curious George movies on the computer. That's right...he likes to " George on the puter!" We can thank his mommy for that, at home he convinces her to make him a fort around the computer stand while he watches George. I broke down and let him watch it on the computer, but we didn't make the fort this time...
As you can see...he is already assuming that "man position" while watching TV!

He soon decided he needed to cozy up a, Auntie Abbie had to watch George too, so he could have someone to lean! Not that I'm complaining....this is the child that RARELY I was loving it!

He eventually got sleepy....and most of the evening this was my view while watching Curious George! Cutest lil blond head I've ever seen!
We had a great night with the little monster...I mean man...such a sweetie! Being an auntie is the best job ever!


  1. You are the best Auntie ever! Landen is blessed!

  2. I love being an Auntie. You are so right! IT is the best job ever!!!