Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Morning Routines

This week while my mom is in Jamaica my sister has been coming over in the mornings to help me with my hair...Ben has not mastered the straightener yet, nor does he plan to, apparently he has limits! :) Needless to say, with my sister comes her sweet kiddos! Landen is always great and finds a cozy spot on the couch to watch morning cartoons with Ben. Kyla on the other hand likes to be where the girls are...that means in the bathroom watching me get ready. This girl is going to know all about make-up and hair by preschool at this rate. The other thing you have to know about Kyla is...she likes her breakfast ASAP! So...this means she eats breakfast...in the bathroom...while I get ready! She did manage to give us a few smiles between shoveling in the pop-tart! (And yes I am aware that pop-tarts are pure sugar, but I am the aunt, she likes them, and I go to work by the time the sugar is in her blood stream!)
 Mouthful of pop-tart, but still a sweet little face!
 Mixed with a little patty cake!
 Then back to more pop-tart! While she eats, every bite is paired with "MMMmmmm!"
 She does offer to share occasionally...but unless you like your pop-tart with a little spit, I don't recommend taking her up on the offer!
 After breakfast she does break away from the primping to play with her big brother...who is sweet enough to pack down loads of toys from upstairs!
Her big brother can always get her to laugh...she loves him bunches! I love this picture of her...her chubby little cheeks remind me of my sister and I when we were little. I am going to have to find some pictures of us to do a comparison!
We all miss grandma (mom) and grandpa (dad) while they are gone, but we are so glad they got to take a fun vacation to Jamaica!

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