Sunday, June 17, 2012

Staff Party...

Every year we have an "End of the Year Staff Party" at Phyllis' house. She has the most beautiful house out on Birch Bay. We occasionally luck out with some beautiful weather...this year wasn't as sunny as last year, but it was warm enough to be out on the deck! We all have a great time visiting, relaxing and truly enjoying one another without the need for "collaboration" about students, curriculum or schedules! It is nothing short of fabulous! I kind of forgot to take there aren't many...someone on the other side of the deck must have been saying something very important.
 Again...someone on the OTHER side of the deck must have been saying something extremely interesting!
This is our principal telling her story about the "cactus announcement"...this one will go in the books...unfortunately I will not disclose this story on the blog...but just know that it is hysterical!
My good friend Jessica and I... this was her first year in our building...she is AMAZING! So thrilled to have her as a teacher in our building! A friend for life most definitely!
 THEN...(sorry Amy)...right as we are all loading up we noticed...a flat tire...on Amy's car!!!
 Naturally, as we have a staff full of women...we get Phyllis' hubby to come out...Dave to the rescue!
 Out comes the stroller out of the trunk...found the spare tire...
 Soon decide the tire looks less flat now that it's not against the might just need a little air...again Dave to the rescue!
 But first...Collin takes a quick look at the rest of the tires to make sure they aren't flat!
 And...Parker sleeps! Such a sweet baby boy!
Such an eventful day...! I am so blessed to have the privilege of working with such an amazing staff at Sumas Elementary. I truly would not change it for the world. Until next year Sumas Crew!

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  1. OH MY GOSH! Only me....not only do I bring TWO babies in tow, but then I am a DISASTER as we are leaving. Sheesh! And no apologies...I was hysterically laughing as I read this...and I should lift the pictures for my blog, as I didn't get a single picture that lovely afternoon!