Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pinterest Project #1

Lately I find myself surfing Pinterest a lot! Over the last few months it has been my little "get away" from studying...paper writing...revising...editing...blah blah blah! NOW...I can actually do some of the things I have pinned on my pinboard! Hooray. This is the first project I have tackled from Pinterest. It is a new "filing" system for our bills. I HATE paying bills! I am typically a very organized person...however...billing brings out the worst in me. So here it no filing, but organized system! I have a 4 inch, three ring binder...
The front of the binder has a pencil pouch with all the supplies I need for sitting down and paying bills...such as my favorite calculator (yes I have a favorite one), a black pen: used to write down bills, on the due date, and the amount due, a red pen: to indicate when the bill has been paid.
Behind the pencil pouch is a monthly calendar where I write in each bill on the due date as well as how much will be paid. When I pay the bill online, I write "Paid" in red! I also have a divider for each bill we pay...this is where I "file" the bill after it has been paid! At the end of the year...I can empty my binder...actually file it away in the cabinet under "2012" and prepare my binder for the next year. Pretty great huh? I am excited to have an actual system...and something Ben could pick up and figure out without a lot of guidance from me, if he ever wanted to take over the book keeping! :)
I am looking forward to completing more Pinterest projects this summer...I am in the middle of another one, but I decided to do this one in bulk so I will wait until it is completely finished before I post about it! Stay tuned!

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