Friday, July 27, 2012

Bathing Beauty...

Summer is finally here...for a minute at least! Katie, Darren and the kids came by to swim the other day and Darren BBQ'ed!!! My brother-in-law is the BEST BBQ-er EVER...needless to say between their family, ours, and mom and dad...there was not a single brat left!

Kyla LOVED to splash her feet in the water...we tried to put her in the pool and she was no longer the happy camper she once was while sitting pool side.

Kyla is starting to take steps with a helping hand...she is taking her sweet time with this whole walking thing...why walk when everyone is so willing to carry your cute butt everywhere?!
So happy summer is here, if only for a few days...we will soak up this sun for as long as possible! Happy Sunny Days!

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