Saturday, July 14, 2012


Yesterday Dad and Ben were in a golf tournament for a Nooksack Valley Pioneer Football Club fundraiser! I don't know much about golf...but the boys finished under par....which is good I hear! Dad also got something in the tournament called "best ball"...which meant he and another golfer had a "putt-off" to win a new putter (which was signed by someone important)! Dad won the coin toss so he didn't have to putt first...which was good because it had rained and the ball wasn't rolling on the course the same as earlier in the day. Here is Dad watching the first guy putt....

Here he is making his putt....
We all waited silently as we watched the ball roll up the hill (slowly) then hoped it would pick up more speed down the hill.... did not...! We were all was extremely close though! On the bright side...Ben and I actually won something in the raffle! Well, when I say "we" what I really mean is that one of our tickets was drawn...really Landen won a new John Deere Tractor and hat! He is VERY into hats lately so he will be excited when he comes over next!

It was a fun night out and a great way to kick off the football season...yes...July is football season at our house!

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