Friday, July 27, 2012

Landen's Day

On Tuesday, Ben and I had Landen for the day while Katie and Mom ran errands with Kyla. We decided to make the day all about him! His first request was miniature golf...there is ONE place in our beautiful county for mini-golf and that is Birch off we went! Lucky for us the sun showed up and they were able to sport their plaid shorts (because that's what golfers do!). Of course Landen had to hit an ORANGE golf ball...his signature color.
 After golfing the go-karts caught his four year old is Uncle Ben and Landen standing in line for the go-karts! (During this waiting time, Uncle Ben spent most of the time preparing Landen for the go-kart they would "probably" have...and it wasn't an orange one).
I had to stay behind the I tried my best to catch a picture of these cute speed racers as they flew by! If you look close you can see Landen's lil hand up waving! He reported "...every time Ben turned the corner he squished me because the seats were so slippery, and then I squished him on the next corner!"
After the "race" we hit up "Old McDonald" for lunch! Landen ordered his usual PLAIN burger, "no ketchup, I hate ketchup!" Sadly I took zero pictures of this stop. After lunch we made a quick stop at Grandifloria or as Landen calls it "Grandma Florida" then we were off to the Lynden Park! I will have to make another post for this stop because Uncle Ben followed him all around the park with the camera! When we got home Landen immediately changed into his "comfy clothes" and sat down with a movie on the couch with a blanket. At this point Ben and I took a quick grown up break out on the back deck...which was quickly interrupted by a request for a dip in the hot tub...
And since this day was ALL about him...pretty much every answer to every question was a big fat YES! So here he is enjoying a dip in the hot tub...with about four pairs of goggles, three nose plugs, and a pair of ear plugs...oh and two water guns!
It was a LONG day...but a day filled with fun! Landen Douglas we love you to the moon and can't imagine our lives without you. The day you were born I told Uncle Ben "He stole my heart!" and you've still got it!

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