Sunday, December 2, 2012

Addition Post #1

Well, week one of our addition...and we are well on our way! I will try to remember to post a "before" picture next time...but I am sure most of you already know what our house looked like. Anyways, after the deck was about half off I remembered to ask Ben to take pictures of this process! This will be our master bedroom in about 2-3 months... 

My sister's boss came with his back hoe and did all our excavation! He is truly amazing! Such a great guy and was a huge blessing to us! Thanks Thor!

Needless to say with all this rain we have been is a bit of a mud pit! But it will be beautiful soon!!! I can't wait!
This is our beautiful view from our current bedroom...haha we keep our blinds closed most of the time now.

But when we do open them...Ace always wants to be out where the workers are! He has been having some serious puppy anxiety with all the changes around here. Hopefully this little guy gets used to the idea of change...because there is a lot more coming his way!

We are definitely still in the early stages of this whole addition thing...but it is getting pretty exciting! Can't wait for the finished product!

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