Sunday, February 10, 2013

Addition Post #7

This post really doesn't show any progress on the addition, but it does show how it is  beginning to impact our living area! I am glad this is going to be short term because I don't know how long I would be able to handle this kind of living. We are in the taping, mudding and sanding stages...exciting yes, but this also means dust...lots and lots of dust. We do have everything taped off with plastic, but when I got home from work, this is what I found...
Blinds down...and laid on the trunk, curtains down...still on the rod but laying on the couch.

I don't remember if I had posted a picture of the hole that was in our living room. Not a huge hole, but it is now mudded up...ready to be sanded (yep more dust :) ) and then textured and painted.

This was a spot we had fixed is right by the vaulted ceiling so we got a nasty little crack where it had been taped during the original it will be beautiful again!
Progress is being made...we feel like we are living in some hot summer days! It is very important for the house to stay warm so that they mud dries!! We have 5 heaters going in the addition and it is HOT...which means the rest of the house stays pretty toasty too! It could definitely be worse...but we are excited to be through this phase of the build.

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