Thursday, February 14, 2013

House Guest...

A few weeks ago we had the cutest house guest! My mom watches Jeriah on Tuesdays while his mommy and daddy are at work...and one gloomy Tuesday his mommy came home sick after his daddy was sick the day before. With both mommy and daddy under the weather Jeriah got to stay with Grandma Karen over night! He came over to hang out and show us all his new tricks!
This little boy is the smiliest guy I know...with the cutest little dimples!

I think this picture was from the weekend before when he had another sleep over so mommy and daddy could go on a date! This was the beautifully warm SUNNY Saturday we had a while back. We worked outside and cleaned up our "construction site" while this sweet little guy hung-out in the jogger...he is such a good baby!!!

This picture makes me laugh...because the dogs love the side lights too...and while they stand up on the window and bark...Jeriah likes to stand up on them and scream! Sooo funny!

He also has this "fun" little trick where he blows raspberries...I don't know why its so funny...but its hilarious...I heard mommy and daddy discourage this, which I HONESTLY didn't know at the time...but it is so cute!

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