Thursday, February 21, 2013

Shopping with Landen

A few weekends ago my sister and brother-in-law were gone for the weekend so my parents had Landen and Kyla. My mom and I decided to run into Bellingham for some MINOR shopping, so we took Landen with us. We bravely left Kyla home with Uncle Ben! (I know...shocking he agreed! He learned a lot, did very well, nor was there a single tear...from either of them! hehe) Landen did so well with my mom and I shopping he got to pick a treat...guess what he wanted? New swim trunks and flip flops!!! I could hardly believe this kid didn't want a toy or something...since we found that treat on sale (it's February after all) he also got to go to the candy shop to pick another little treat.

Here he is trying to pick out just the right flavor of jelly beans....there were soooo many to choose from! We did a little mixing and matching...

He finally settled on: Ice Cream Shop, Orange Cream; Tropical Fruit and Banana
He decided he had to have this "gummy snake" was pretty much a giant gummy worm...super thick, shockingly heavy and I didn't try it, but it had to be gross! He loved it! I informed him quickly he could eat the head for now and would have to pace himself all week with the rest of it! No tummy aches on my watch!

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