Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Addition Post #2

Okay here is the update: Ben has been such a little builder this week! It has been so "fun" to have my hubby building our house along side our contractor. I keep reminding him that not many people get to do this kind of thing, and we consider it a HUGE blessing to be working with a contractor that is supportive and encouraging to this type of thing! 
Here are all the forms for the "pillars" for our foundation. Because we live in the flood zone, we have to build our house a little differently...the flood water has to be able to flow under our house. When it's all done, it will look completely normal...and our house is built well above flood level so there will be no concerns of water getting into our house! 

More pictures of the forms...

Ta-Da! Concrete poured, and forms taken off!!! The foundation is done!

Remember when I said it was muddy...? Well now it's REALLY muddy! My sister's boss came back and back filled for us! AMAZING!!! I am so excited to have it "level" back there...now we are all ready for the lumber package (due to arrive on Thursday)...

As promised, here are the before pictures, just for some comparison. This is the front of our house, which really wont change.

And the back, this is already looking different! Look at that beautiful lawn....uhhh now it's MUD! All this progress is exciting, can't wait to see how much changes in the next week!

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